AISI is an aviation consulting company which traces back to 1986 when a U.S. consulting company AVTIS, was formed, which absorbed the assets and practice of another U.S. company, Aircraft Information Management. By 1987, this consulting division had grown into a separate U.S. corporation. In 1992, after a management buyout, this U.S. consultancy was renamed Aircraft Information Services, Inc. - AISI

Today, AISI has established itself as a leader in aviation consulting with an international reputation for responsive, reliable, consistent and accurate value opinions and technical advice for commercial, freighter and corporate aircraft and engines.

AISI provides clients:

  • Comparative Analysis - Aviation Consulting
  • Half Life Aircraft Appraisals and Engine Appraisals
  • Adjusted Aircraft Appraisals and Engine Appraisals
  • Full Condition Aircraft Appraisals and Engine Appraisals
  • Future Aircraft Values and Engine Values
  • Net Present Value Analysis
  • Aircraft Lease Reviews - Engine Lease Reviews
  • Expert Witness Work
  • Online Price Guides
    • Jet Price Guide
    • Engines Price Guide


Contact Information

Telephone: 949.582.8888

FAX: 949.582.8887



26072 Merit Circle, Suite 123
Laguna Hills, California 92653



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